VR Original SuperFit

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How to measure for compression socks: Sit the person down with their foot flat on the floor and their knee at a 90 degree angle. This contracts the calf so we get it at its biggest measurement. In this position, the person can measure themselves accurately or be measured by someone else. ​You want to measure the ankle circumference at the smallest point (above the ankle joint, not around the maleoli - just the skinniest part of the bottom of the leg). You then want the calf circumference at the widest part. Shin length is measured from the pit of the knee down to the floor. Height of the person in cm. Shoe size in UK sizing. You want the tape measure to hug the skin but not be digging in. If you have any difficulties or are unsure, give us a call on 0207 326 0900.

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Measuring Guide

Read how to measure yourself correctly for our compression products.

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Compression Level

Class I Compression (16-18mmHg)

Fabric Composition

85% Polyamide
15% Elastane

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Our VR Original Superfit socks offer an extensive colour range from subtle to bold depending on the occasion, mood or style. This airy and versatile sock aids; travel related swelling, daily leg fatigue, post sport recovery as well as injuries - multi-functional yet simple. These contain ani-bacterials and wicking agents keeping legs cool and dry. They can be worn alone or underneath socks due to their sheer nature. Great for relief of tired swollen legs from long haul travel or Pregnancy.


One of our most popular socks. The VR Originial Superfit gets it's name from is capacity to stretch to fit all manner of leg shapes. Perfect as a multi-purpose sock for long haul travel, injury rehabilitation, daywear, and sports recovery.


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Very helpful staff

Vanessa really helped my brother to get the perfect sock, thank you so much. Regards Frances


    Socks that do the job

    I’ve bought superfit VR socks for travel for some years now. That says quite a lot about the sock quality. I get very swollen ankles and calves travelling by plane if I don’t. The elastic doesn’t cut into my knee area with the pressure making them comfortable to wear.
    In the past call backs have been very prompt but I rang twice this time and no one called me back. I somehow seemed to have slipped through the net. Just wanted to check that sizing hadn’t changed.


      VR original superfit

      best product of this type I have found and excellent customer service


        What A Pleasure!

        Vital Active, thank you for all the advice along with the superb socks (4 pairs) you went above and beyond. You made probably my last UK purchase before returning to Thailand a refreshing pleasure.


          Very Pleased.

          Hi Vital Active,
          I haven’t purchased these socks for quite a long time and didn’t realise how stretched they had become and the effect it was having on me. Having bought some new ones, my calves immediately stopped feeling heavy and I have so much more energy after a day at work. Excellent product!

          Take Care


            Happy with VitalActive socks

            The superFit is light comfortable easy to put on and take off I was comparing them with two other socks in the range l have gone for the Oxford sock as it is thicker and fits my shoes better that is just me l would recommend the SuperFit as a very good sock.


              Original superfit

              Very happy with socks. Really comfortable but very supportive. Have worn out previous pairs!
              Happy legs lasting all day!


                Solved my problem completely and extremely comfortable too

                My problem was Exercise Induced Vasculitis i.e. huge red uncomfortable blotches all over my lower legs after a long hike. The blotches lasted for days, gradually fading to a light brown.
                Today I wore my VR Original Superfit socks for the first time and walked over 12 miles in very hilly terrain. The socks were very comfortable and at the end of the day there was not a single blotch on my legs. I am very impressed and very grateful. Will be re-ordering.


                  Very Happy

                  Thank you for the replacement pair for the ones I ordered they are a perfect fit and help so much. It's unusual to come across trust and kindness, but you have shown this. I do hope the cheque is Ok, I could not find a way to pay the difference online. Again thank you very much.


                    Good Service

                    "I started using Original VR Superfit some years ago, initially as flight socks,. However, I suffer from swollen ankles at all times and these socks prevent that so I now wear them all the time - no other socks will do. I am able to do so because they are supremely comfortable, provide support and allow me to get on with everyday without thinking about how my lower limb is clothed. The service is first-class and prompt and cannot be too highly recommended."


                      Comfort at last

                      Have been wearing compression socks supplied by a hospital for varicose veins, but they were awkward and uncomfortable, searched the web and discovered the Vital Active site, brought a trial pair of socks, so impressed with the quality and comfortable fit I purchased two more pairs - really pleased and recommend their products, not only that but wow the speed of delivery - impressed all round!


                        Comfort at last

                        Have been wearing compression socks supplied by a hospital for varicose veins, but they were awkward and uncomfortable, searched the web and discovered the Vital Active site, brought a trial pair of socks, so impressed with the quality and comfortable fit I purchased two more pairs - really pleased and recommend their products, not only that but wow the speed of delivery - impressed all round!



                          I have 20in calfs and needed some socks for travel soon. Barrington emailed as I contacted late in the day, to say he would call the next day. He called about 8. 15am,talked through what and why I needed from a sock, and suggested these. I bought a red pair. Washed them on receipt and have worn them all day today. I have forgotten a lot of times I have had them on. They are very comfy, but i can feel the compression in them. Thank you very much for your Support. Will be back for more. X


                            I would highly recommend Vital Active for your compression/flight sock needs.

                            I have very large calves so had to ring to discuss my needs and both
                            Seth and Barrington were so very helpful. Barrington sorted out the best socks for me
                            and I ordered a pair of Original SuperFit socks with him. The help and
                            advice was so good and professional and I felt total confidence with this
                            company. I received the socks the very next day and wore them that evening
                            and all the following day and they were very comfortable. It was a bit of a
                            fight putting them on, but then as they are compression socks you would
                            expect that. I've washed them since and worn them all day today and they
                            feel firm, supportive and comfortable. I know they will be easy to wear all
                            day when I travel next month, which is a good thing to know. If anyone is
                            unsure about what sock would be best for them, then please ring them up and
                            you'll get all the advice you need. I thank them very much.


                              Excellent and essential products

                              Started using these following a couple of DVTs and a torn calf muscle. I use them for sport, travel and recuperation - even used them instead of the standard hospital issued socks during hospital admissions. Cannot recommend them highly enough. And the customer service and delivery is outstanding.


                                Excellent service

                                Barrington was so helpful put my mind at rest, brought other makes of socks in the past, and were uncomfortable, so unable to wear them, will definitely being ordering more from Vital Active.


                                  VR Original Superfit

                                  Brilliant customer service and quick delivery. These socks help prevent tired legs and puffy ankles. I wear them all the time and have used them for years.


                                    Very Happy with product and Service

                                    They are lovely. Thanks



                                      Very quick delivery with excellent customer service. I usually struggle to put this type of stock on due to very wide calves & lack of mobility ,these were easy ,yes a tad hard first time in but second time so easy. Worn with ankle boots no one knows they are compression wear.


                                        Very Happy with the Product and the Service.

                                        Received my order today! Excellent service, very pleased. Can actually get them on!
                                        I will order more at some point. Have kept details.
                                        Many thanks.


                                          Service that exceeds expectations

                                          Having originally bought made to measure ( with excellent help from the gentleman on the Advice Line) I have now 'graduated' to VR Originals and am getting on very well with them. I commented that one of my big toes tended to wear a hole quite quickly and the suggestion to use trainer socks that don't protrude above the shoe is also working - another incidence of great customer service where customer satisfaction is more important than the sale.
                                          My last order arrived on a Saturday, less than 24 hours after ordering online!


                                            BEST OF THE BEST

                                            Brilliant customer service. Wonderful comfy socks. Life long user of compression socks. This company is most professional in its help.


                                              I'm very happy with my purchase!

                                              I am so delighted with these socks I have immediately ordered a second pair.


                                                Second Order!

                                                Very happy with socks I received in first order VR original super fit. Slight roll over at top of sock but fitted comfortably everywhere else & felt good.


                                                  Review of recent purchase

                                                  I purchased a pair of compression stockings a few weeks ago - and on the advice of a very helpful member of staff - I was recommended the Original Superfit.
                                                  Due to swollen legs and feet following hip/knee surgery I was advised to wear compression stockings. The Original Superfit recommended by yourselves are unbelievably comfortable and I am already feeling the benefit and able to wear the stockings from early morning to nightime without being aware of any pinching which I suffered with other types of compression hosiery. Many thanks to Vital Active and your knowledgeable team - I am very pleased I found your Company. Grateful Customer - Wales


                                                    The best customer service I have experienced & it takes a lot to impress me.

                                                    I recently started a new job in retail which means I need to be on my feet for long periods of time & because I am overweight my legs swell up causing my blood circulation to struggle to get fluids back up my legs to my heart which is not very good for my health.
                                                    Previously I have purchased a pair of compression flight socks over the counter which was not a fun experience as they were a poor fit, so when I did an internet search engine to find a company to purchase compression socks for work, I was NOT expecting to find a company who was so keen to offer the best service to everyone that contacts them.

                                                    I was asked for my measurements to ensure a good fit as well as being offered advice on how to moisturise my very dry legs which worked a treat after only a couple of days.
                                                    The advisor on the phone was very polite & very knowledgeable about the products & the issues related to wearing these types of socks.

                                                    Although the socks are more expensive than high street product, I am very happy to pay a bit more for a better fit & for the advise that I received.

                                                    I initially purchased a pair of the mens VR City & VR Original Superfit on advice from the company which allowed me to choose the one that best suited me as the products are different between designs and material compositions.

                                                    As I was so pleased with the result of my swollen legs looking & feeling good after a hard day at work with the socks I am going to order 3 more pairs of the Original Superfit.

                                                    I would be very happy to recommend this company.



                                                      I purchased two pairs of these socks and found them super-comfortable with an even feeling of compression throughout. My only criticism is that they wore away at the toe quite quickly, but other than that I would certainly recommend them.


                                                        Great customer service

                                                        I spent a considerable amount of time discussing my requirements with a very knowledgeable service agent - ultimately suggesting which product & size would be most suitable for my particular condition (Peripheral Neuropathy) – most impressed!


                                                          Greatest Flight Socks

                                                          My wife and I have previously purchased off the shelf flight socks and have really struggled to pull these on and given up.

                                                          Hence I decided to do some research and I am so glad this was done.

                                                          I had a long discussion with an adviser at VitalActive who was very thorough, helpful and wanted to make sure I was purchasing the correct product for both my wife and self.

                                                          I was particularly concerned for my wife who has suffers from swollen feet, calfs and ankles.

                                                          The advier made sure I had all the correct measurements and was then able to talk me through the range and end up with the recommended products.

                                                          I ended up ordering these and 2 other products Clara for my wife and VR Ultra Comfort for myself and these are reviewed separately under the make of sock.

                                                          All the socks arrived next day even though sent ordinary post.

                                                          My wife tried this pair on and was for the first time able to pull a flight sock on and agreed with me that the quality was superb as was the fit.

                                                          In fact my wife has ordered another sock in the range on the strength of this product.

                                                          Whilst these socks are probably more expensive than the high street off the shelf ones they are well worth the price. They are also suitable for wearing everyday to help control swelling etc


                                                            Unbelievable Help for my Swollen Legs!

                                                            After major heart surgery 5 years ago I have suffered from foot and ankle swelling although the operation was successful. Further to my discussions with you on the 16th May 2017 and accepting your recommendation, you supplied a pair of PS 01 compression support socks, which arrived the following day.
                                                            The results have been beyond expectations. After wearing them for 14 hours there was little evidence of any swelling, an un-believable achievement in one day.
                                                            Thank you for your help and excellent delivery service, my intention is to purchase more from you so that I have socks available whilst the others are being washed.


                                                              Great Help for Peripheral Neuropathy

                                                              I have only had the VR Original Superfit Socks a few days, for my condition of Peripheral Neuropathy, but they have taken the pressure off the back of my legs, and are supporting my ankles more positively. I look forward to making life a little easier.


                                                                VR Original super fit

                                                                This is my third order so I must be impressed, used along with the VR Proactive for Golf, So comfortable.
                                                                And my thanks to Barrington who gave me such good advice when l was feeling very apprehensive about my DVT


                                                                  No More TEDs For Me

                                                                  Having had my legs strangled by hospital TED socks on several occasions I decided to try these.What a difference! No more pain. I can wear them all the time. Great.


                                                                    Marvellous Socks

                                                                    Dear Customer Support
                                                                    A month or so ago you sent me some VR Original Superfit compression socks and they are definitely reducing the swelling in my legs.

                                                                    I would be grateful if I could have 2 more pairs , one blue one maroon please. I trust you have the measurements.

                                                                    Many Thanks


                                                                      Second Order Great socks!

                                                                      These are extremely good compression socks. I contacted the company as instructed as I was taking a long haul flight. I was advised as to which type of socks would be suitable and they arrived promptly.
                                                                      I now wear the socks every day and find that they help my circulatory problems enormously.
                                                                      Angela Jarvis


                                                                        I'd like to reorder

                                                                        Dear Vital Active

                                                                        Thank you for the above socks which you recommended they are excellent. My legs have a different feel to them already.

                                                                        I would be grateful if you could send me 2 more identical pairs -navy blue.


                                                                          Comfortable and supporting

                                                                          I was looking for a pair of socks to be used for a long haul flight, found this web site and discussed with Barrington. I am a size 16 shoe so cannot buy 'off the shelf', he advised size S3 would be sufficient. I bought one pair and they are very comfortable although supportive at the same time, very pleased with these.

                                                                          I have now ordered another pair for myself and a pair for my wife.

                                                                          If you need a good supportive compression sock then look no further, I can fully recommend these.


                                                                            They are what they say they are

                                                                            A comfortable flight sock that is easy to put on and with a good length. Highly recommended.


                                                                              Thank you

                                                                              To Jonathan, Customer Support at Compression Advisory. Thank you for all your help and prompt attention. The socks have arrived safely. Your firm is one of the best I've ever dealt with. I thank the day I found your advertisement in the Guardian. The socks have been a tremendous help.


                                                                                Having recently been diagnosed with stasis dermatitis, the main issue being a hugely swollen and heavy right leg, working as a bus driver and even getting about was becoming increasingly painful and difficult. Your compression socks have been a godsend. After a day or two you don't even realise you're wearing them. Can't recommend them enough.


                                                                                  A huge thank you

                                                                                  Dear Compression Advisory,

                                                                                  I would like to say a huge thank you for your help in supplying very satisfactory compression socks.

                                                                                  When a leg ulcer was diagnosed, compression socks were prescribed as a method of reducing the risk of further ulcers in the future.

                                                                                  Having found your website, I was very impressed with the range of colours and types of sock available.

                                                                                  Barrington was extremely helpful in identifying the most suitable range and I have been thoroughly impressed and worn the VR gctech socks on a daily basis ever since.

                                                                                  As a member of the clergy, I was particularly pleased that I could buy socks to match the liturgical seasons of the church.

                                                                                  So my green socks for Ordinary time and red for special saints days, the socks keep me standing at the font and the graveside and are a valuable talking point in the parish.

                                                                                  I look forward to ordering some purple socks for Advent!

                                                                                  Thank you very much and kind regards.


                                                                                    I love them!

                                                                                    I love these socks. I'm reassured that they're going to fit by the wonderful My Measurements section and they fit better than ones I was fitted for in the chemist.

                                                                                    I would recommend them to anyone. They're comfortable, stylish, affordable and last better than what I was prescribed.


                                                                                      Very Pleased

                                                                                      Bought these together with a pair of VR City. Theses are equally comfortable and a bit thinner so can be worn inside another sock. Fit well was really happy with the fitting advice that I was given.


                                                                                        Great product and service

                                                                                        I'm really impressed with the quick service I received - ordered one afternoon and the socks arrived the next morning. I'd looked at the size guide, but decided in the end just to put in my measurements on the order. Just as well, because the socks I received were a different size to the ones I would have picked! I bought them for flying long haul - I've only worn them for a shot rime at home to test them out but they are super comfy and look like they'll last a good while. Overall I'm really impressed with the product and service and look forward to wearing them when flying long haul on Friday!


                                                                                          Good price, excellent value.

                                                                                          These are high quality compression socks, enter your details and within a few days they arrive, what could be better.


                                                                                            VR Super Fit

                                                                                            Just back from Oz trip. These socks were so comfortable I was unaware I had them on. Just the job. I have long thin legs (a la Peter Crouch) and the fitting advice I received at the telephone was invaluable. Whoopeeee!


                                                                                              Bar original super fit, navy

                                                                                              After buying and using some "Off the shelf" flights socks, they bring back bad memories on a trip to Oz. We had to remove them in the end as they were so tight behind the knee we thought they would cause more harm than good.

                                                                                              I have been advised again by a consultant that it would be a good idea on another trip to Oz in a few weeks to wear them for ankle swelling I always get when flying.

                                                                                              So, I did research and stumbled across this website which I am very impressed with. I have picked the original super fit socks purely because they were the only ones I could have in navy. (I want to co-ordinate)! They did seem a bit expensive to me at


                                                                                                Feedback on Vital Active Sock

                                                                                                I'm really please with these socks. The services was excellent, indeed I even received a call to discuss my original order (i.e. based on my measurements), which resulted in a change in socks that I received. The socks themselves have relieved the ankle and calf swelling I usually get when sat on flights or in all-day meetings, and I'm planning to order more.


                                                                                                  Very pleased

                                                                                                  I have used these socks for years. They are comfortable, non-binding, very supportive and _much_ easier to put on than the heavy off-the-shelf travel socks sold elsewhere. They are worth the price. The color selection is very welcome, too!


                                                                                                    VR Original Super -Fit

                                                                                                    Having felt the benefit of a pair of Performa for golf I got these for my job which involves a lot of sitting down and driving and they seem to be giving me more spring in my step.

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