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How to measure for compression socks: Sit the person down with their foot flat on the floor and their knee at a 90 degree angle. This contracts the calf so we get it at its biggest measurement. In this position, the person can measure themselves accurately or be measured by someone else. ​You want to measure the ankle circumference at the smallest point (above the ankle joint, not around the maleoli - just the skinniest part of the bottom of the leg). You then want the calf circumference at the widest part. Shin length is measured from the pit of the knee down to the floor. Height of the person in cm. Shoe size in UK sizing. You want the tape measure to hug the skin but not be digging in. If you have any difficulties or are unsure, give us a call on 0207 326 0900.

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Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide

Read how to measure yourself correctly for our compression products.

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Compression Level

Class II (18-22mmHg)

Fabric Composition

86% Cotton
10% Polyamide
4% Elastane

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This range houses a moisture transport system (water-absorbing and water-repelling) helping to remove moisture from your leg area for easier evaporation into the air, keeping your legs dry and comfortable. The tighter squeeze ensures calf oxygenation that little bit quicker, removes lactic acid build-up, reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), supporting tired achy legs post sport and on the road home. A powerful duo – DriRelease and Freshguard – socks it to odour formation making them comfortable and lightweight.

Welcomed by athletes across all sports to help them prepare for the next round of activity. including;  Football, Rugby, Running, Athletics, Golf and Sailing. Our ProActiv + sock has become the go-to recovery product getting our athletes home with fresh legs ready for their next energetic session.


A fusion of modern technologies incorporating DriRelease panels through the foot and calf sections making these as comfortable as slippers - even after a marathon.


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Dear Vital Active

What an excellent service. I've paid for those and thank you.

Independent Occupational Therapist/Case Manager


    Very pleased!

    I was extremely impressed by the service provided by Vital Active in particular by the personal contact to ensure that I had ordered the correct product.
    The goods provided are of excellent quality and I hope to use them and the Vital Active services over the coming years.


      Colin S.

      These socks are terrific and I highly recommend them. They fit much better than the ones I got on prescription.


        Great product

        Wonderful advice, quick delivery and great product. What more could you ask for.



          These socks are very good. I broke an ankle several years ago and these socks stop it from swelling up on long walks.


            What a great discovery!

            First use was on a 15-mile hike in very warm weather. The ProActiv + socks were very comfortable throughout the day, and my legs and feet felt less tired than usual the following day. I ordered a second pair straight away.

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