What is gctech

gctech is a process that ensures you, the wearer, receive the best quality compression available. It defines a series of steps from manufacturing, compression profiling and sizing, to storage and packaging. The exact processes are set out below for medical grade gctech. Plus, products with gctech have been extensively tested and worn before sale – ensuring proven user comfort and durability.

  • Made to British (BS 6612/BS 7672) or European standards (DD ENV 12718) of 'graduated compression' (these define manufacture/sizing/compression profile)
  • Made on validated/specially designed machines (e.g. Merz CC4 MED)
  • Made at a set temperature (to ensure correct yarn elasticity)
  • End to end audit - so socks can be traced back to source
  • Washing test (durability - ISO 139:2000 and then conditioned according to ISO 6330:2000)
  • Every 1:100 sock must be hand tested to ensure compression profile is correct (using HATRA Hose Pressure Tester Mk 2)
  • Must be CE marked - statements on packaging must comply to proven medical evidence
  • Yarns and added materials must all be proven to be safe for wear
  • Set sizing protocols to ensure socks when worn give the wearer the stated level of compression
  • Must conform to the MHRA rules on graduated compression
  • Made in factories which fulfill all of the strict medical rules required to make medical grade compression (hygiene, workers hours, noise regulation, on site testing facilities, regular machine maintenance etc) ISO 9001:2000.