About Us

Vital Active was created by the founders of Compression Advisory as an online shop to allow consumers to access the benefits of compression for travel, sport, daywear (fashion), maternity and healthcare. There are a huge amount of compression companies in the retail sector and our aim was to bring clarity into this market and educate the mass market about what makes good quality compression and how it can benefit the user.

The Compression Advisory is a group of some of the leading UK experts in compression, with skills in manufacturing, medicine and retail sales. We have advised some of the leading names in the sport and the corporate market, educating and supplying them with products which keep their employees safe and comfortable.

We created the Vital Active site after growing demand from the retail sector for fashionable, functional and proven medical grade compression products for everyday use.

To ensure the upmost quality - all the products on the site have gone through our strict testing process and only those products which pass our exacting criteria and that have proven user feedback are displayed for sale on the site.