Daywear Buyer’s Guide

If you’re commuting to work, in meetings, sitting at a desk, on your feet or enjoying lunches - your mind is getting a workout, and your body is also being put through the paces. Your legs take a huge strain, and towards the end of a day often feel heavy and tired. Did you know there is a simple solution to prevent these symptoms and reduce the long term harm they cause?

A change as simple as putting on a pair of VR compression socks when you get dressed in the morning will make a huge difference. You’ll be more comfortable throughout the day and your legs will thank you for it.

Tired Legs at the End of the Day?

FACT - The blood flow leaving your legs (VR - Venous Return) reduces by 50% when you are seated for only 90 minutes, causing swelling and 'heaviness', the oxygen content of the muscles also decreases - this explains why that feeling of fatigue occurs. This is why wearing properly fitted medical grade compression socks containing gctech™ will help reduce these symptoms.

Looking After Your 'Second Heart' - Preventing Tired Legs

In the medical world, your calf muscle is known as the second heart - it is responsible for helping to pump blood and fluid up out of your lower leg area, round the body and back to the heart. By wearing something that is anatomically correct, and squeezes your leg in a gradient manner, you can begin to counteract the effects of fatigue and help your legs feels fresh throughout the day - no matter what your schedule throws at you.

Swelling and fatigue aren't the only issues the result from prolonged inactivity. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is also a life threatening illness that can occur whilst you are travelling, sitting down or standing for long periods. This is due to decreased circulation, gravitational effects and subsequent swelling. DVT can naturally occur, however, it can also be attributed to occupational work based activities (for example long periods of sitting at a desk or hours standing in a factory).

Are You at Risk - Could You Benefit from VR Compression?

Do you know whether you may be affected by some of the symptoms highlighted above? Ask yourself some simple questions:

Do you:

A. Sit for long periods at a desk

B. Stand for long periods of time at work

C. Travel for periods of over 90 minutes

If the answer is yes then you are at risk of:

1. DVT

2. Swelling of the lower limbs and ankles

3. Fatigue/tired legs

4. Varicose and thread veins

Why VR Compression?

It's in the squeeze - VR compression socks are designed and checked by doctors for daywear use. The compression comes with peace of mind that it is the best available - this is the compression profile which is proven by science to work.

For compression to really benefit you, there are quality standards that must be adhered to; squeeze gradient needs to be accurate, leg measurements should be obtained and questions asked about your lifestyle. These checks ensure our products are medically validated and give you the reassurance that you are receiving compression that actually makes a difference to your body, making it work more efficiently - this is the quality assurance you get when you see the gctech logo.

Many of our customers never intended to start wearing compression on a daily basis. They came to us looking for flight socks that fit well and were comfortable and quickly realised that wearing compression socks made their ankles slim down, their legs and feet feel less tired in the evenings and even gave them more energy!

Others come to us with a recognised need for compression support for their legs each day. Here are a few snippets of the advice we may give on the phone when you call our advisory team.

Our daywear and travel range are interchangeable if you particularly like a fabric or pattern. They both contain at least UK Class 1 compression and the main difference is down to the fabrics used.

Once you’ve taken measurements and established your size, the rest is down to trying to match the type of socks you’d wear normally anyway. You want the thickness and function to be similar to what you currently wear so that your shoes fit correctly. If the sock is much thicker/thinner, your shoes won’t fit properly.

Based on your lifestyle, you may need or want to wear a sports sock, fine dress sock, classic hosiery or the brightest cotton socks we have.

Our open-toe socks are designed for wear in summer with sandals or for those podiatry issues who need to keep pressure away from the toes. Those with established medical conditions may experience minor swelling at the toes when wearing a sock with no compression over the toes.

Our calf sleeves are designed for active wear and can be worn discreetly under leggings. As they offer no compression over the foot, they are not recommended for periods of immobility e.g. sitting at a desk at work or for travel.

Information courtesy of Compression Advisory.