Sports Compression Socks for Large Ankles

The benefits of exercise are incredible, even a small amount of daily activity can help improve health, reduce weight, reduce the risk of many diseases including certain cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our experience with the general population has shown that many of the sporting products that can make exercise easier and fun are designed for individuals who are already sporty and well built. Compression is one such product and if made properly and correctly fitted can be a great addition to any persons sporting kit. Our unique 'large ankle' range is made specifically for people who maybe overweight or heavily built yet want enjoy the benefits of properly fitted compression during sport such as reduced fatigue, improved recovery, reduced swelling.

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  • VR ProPlus Recovery contain UK Class II medical grade compression (stronger than Class I). After an injury, with a medical condition or after intense exercise, this level of compression may be required. The firmer squeeze boosts the effects of compression on the body.For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to...

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  • A superb sock for exercise, with a unique combination of high quality UK Class I medical grade compression, the best available fabrics, modern design and anatomical finishing. Achilles and arch support, with temperature regulating panels in the calf.For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to have one of our...

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  • UK Class 1 medical grade graduated compression Anatomical sizing - amazing levels of comfort Range of colours Ideal for triathlon Ideal to combine with usual ankle running socks (no change to feel in running shoes) Lightweight, breathable materials designed for regular useFirst time buyers, enter your measurements under 'My Measurements' size...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items