Made to Measure Sports Compression Socks

Looking for a made to measure sports compression sock?

Firstly, have you checked out the extensive sizing in our custom fit sports range? A lot of clients come to us thinking they need a made to measure product because what they’ve bought elsewhere in the past has fit poorly. By submitting your measurements when placing your order for any of our ready-made ranges, our team of experts will ensure you receive the correct size.

If, you fall outside our range of measurements or have a medical condition which requires you to have a made to measure product, then you’re in the right place.

We take extensive measurements of the foot and leg to ensure you are getting a sock that matches your legs perfectly.

You can also avail of quality advice from our team of medical experts and athletes on how best to use your made to measure product for sport and recovery.

To get in touch, you can call our friendly office on 0207 326 0900 or email and outline your needs so we can make sure the most appropriate and knowledgeable person from the team follows up with you.

Having worked with a variety of sports we understand people come in all shapes and sizes. Our standard range covers 90% of the population but, for compression to work correctly, it must fit your size. If you fall outside the standard sizing range we have the ability to create a bespoke sock just for you. This is made to your exact measurements and takes up to 5 working days. As this uses a special machine, the design and colour range are limited but the sock you receive will be unique and custom built just for you.

You can order Travel/Daywear models in Made to Measure knee high or thigh high here. For made to measure Sports Compression Socks, email or call the office.

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  • VR ZeroPressure socks help provide the first barrier of protection against pressure, irritation and the chafing of sensitive skin. (Pressure being a potential cause of sores and ulcers.) They have been developed for use by people where it is of paramount importance to wear the right footwear to prevent further medical conditions.

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