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  • £ 24.99

    VR Essential a fantastic flight sock specially designed for long haul flights where leg swelling is expected. They are made to comply with UK Class 1...

  • £ 24.99

    Vivid and bold. VR Durham screams fun, without letting on that it's a flight sock.Feels like a 'normal'cotton-rich sock, but packs the power of medically...

  • £ 24.99

    Designed specifically with a classic golf look in unisex colours. The Fairway can be worn as a daywear or flight sock. This luxurious, cotton rich sock with...

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What was really impressive was the service before I received my order. Within about 5 minutes of placing the order I received a phone call and was told that the product I had ordered was probably not the best for me. This was not to sell a more expensive product as there was no difference. The reasons were explained and we spoke for about 10 minutes about care of legs. Amazing service. And the socks are good too.

Kevin Miller

First class service and product


Good advice, readily available. The service was quick and efficient, none of the disproportionate packaging that some use. I was so pleased with my stockings that I ordered another pair two days after receiving the first pair.

Adam LITTLE how was your service?